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Our Mission

Interpath Project advances education, human rights, global health and sustainable development by raising awareness, promoting policies and bringing communities together.


  • Education
  • Human Rights
  • Global Health
  • Sustainable Development


Our signature cause is to address the global crisis of access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene and to that end we are mobilizing our resources to raise awareness and provide funding to combat this problem. Every day, all over the world more than 1000 children are dying due to unsanitary and unhygienic living conditions and ingesting dirty water which causes terrible illnesses such as diarrhea, dysentery, and cholera. For more information click on the link below:

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Executive Team

Our Executive Team is responsible for the administration of the organization and the appropriate organization of its operations. The Executive Team consists of four members who are responsible for managing the organization’s mission, projects, programs and events. Quarterly meetings are convened and minutes are kept of all discussions.

    • Takayuki Yamada, Chairperson and Co-Founder

      Takayuki Yamada, Chairperson and Co-Founder Mr. Yamada is the charter and founding member of RID 2760 Rotary Club of Chubu Nagoya Mirai. In Japan, he serves on the Polio Plus Committee of Japan and is organizer for the Rotary International Youth Exchange. Since 2011, he has led annual humanitarian and medical missions to South Asia to help eradicate polio and improve access to clean water.

  • Michael Sasaoka-Alvord, President and Co-Founder

    Michael Sasaoka-Alvord, Vice PresidentMichael is a Japanese-American. His professional background includes degrees in international business and Japanese from SDSU from San Diego State University, USA. Combining his interests in business and education he has been involved with education and training in Japan for the past seventeen years at the secondary, tertiary and corporate level. He is actively involved with flood-fighting and disaster response and management in Japan.

  • Gary R. Smith, Director of Media & Technology

    Gary R. Smith, Director of Media & TechnologyAs an environmental and wildlife photographer, mountain climber and filmmaker, Gary previously worked for the news division of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC Media) before coming to Japan to work as coordinator for international relations. Gary holds degrees in mass communication, media arts and Japanese from Southern Illinois University, USA. His academic interests include environmental studies, ICT and photography.


The Interpath Project Advisory Boards consists of five members. The role of the advisors is to offer valuable input and guidance in how we carry out our mission. The term of the advisory position is one-year and the advisors serve in a strictly non-salaried, voluntary capacity.

    • Henry LoupiasHenry Loupias, Ph.D., Faculty of Visual Communication, University of Pasundan, Indonesia
    • Louis Santiago, Ph.D.Louis Santiago, Ph.D., Graduate School of Planning, University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
    • Natthawut Kaewpitoon Ph.D.Natthawut Kaewpitoon Ph.D., Faculty of Public Health, Suraneee University of Technology, Thailand
    • Suman Chakrabarty, Ph.D.Suman Chakrabarty, Ph.D., Dept. of Anthropology, West Bengal State University, India
    • William P. Kittredge, Ph.D.William P. Kittredge, Ph.D., College of Business, Chiang Mai University, Thailand


Volunteer Staff

Interpath Project maintains a small office with two semi-full-time staff members. The other members of our team perform tasks on an ad hoc basis in a voluntary or short-term, home-shore contractual basis.

  • Brian AndrewsBrian Andrews, Assistant Program Coordinator
  • Dini Nur FadillahDini Nur Fadillah, Assistant Program Coordinator
  • Pham Nguyen, M.A.Cecily Nguyen, M.A., Assistant Program Coordinator
  • Jed Canady, M.A.Jed Canady, M.A., Assistant Program Coordinator
  • Jay Clarence, M.A., External Relations
  • Yoko Horioka, Assistant to the Program Director



The concept for creating Interpath Project began in 2014 during a roundtable discussion at a congress on interfaith dialogue organized by our chairperson, Takayuki Yamada. The small event attracted the attention of the Vatican L’Osservatore Romano and as well as passionate group of participants, who proposed that there was a need for a much wider, more diverse and inclusive sphere of dialogue beyond the confines and constraints of interfaith. In 2015, the Millennium Development Goals ended and Mr. Yamada, always a visionary for change, realized that an opportunity existed to create a new organization that would celebrate dialogue across many ‘paths’ and become a vehicle for change.

Although officially established and registered in August of 2017, Interpath Project is continuing the dedication of the Pacific Rim organization focusing on education for sustainable development that Mr. Yamada created in 2010. The four goals of Interpath Project are inextricably connected to the organization from which Interpath Project has evolved: education, global health, human rights and sustainable development.


Interpath Project has applied for registration in Japan as a General Incorporated Association (GIA) by a licensed, authorized judicial scrivener. Under Japanese law, a GIA may opt select ‘not-for-profit’ or ‘for-profit’ classification. Interpath Project is classified as a not-for-profit General Incorporated Association.


All financial matters of Interpath Project are reported to a licensed certified public accountant in Japan. The end of our fiscal year is December 31. Annual reports are prepared and shared with our stakeholders in the spring of the following year.


Thank you for your interest in Interpath Project. Please fill out the inquiry application link below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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For Interpath Project contact details, please see below:

Our Office

Interpath Project, 3-10 Manzaimachi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki-pref., 850-0033 Japan

E-mail: secretariat(@)interpathproject.org